David Busboom is a writer and editor who grew up in a castle his father built in the woods of Central Illinois. He loves dinosaurs and rock music.


Praise for Every Crawling, Putrid Thing:

“It would be accurate to say that Busboom’s fiction is a love letter to schlocky, neon horror, peppered with sticky-sweet nostalgia and loving luridity. It would, however, be a mistake to dismiss this work as merely such. There is something deeper in Busboom’s terror, rooted uncertainty. The uncertainty of being a child, of being in love, and the ever-present uncertainty inherent in the dark. Thoughtful horror, under the guise of gorilla monsters, looming owls and the awful things people do to each other. An outstanding collection from a phenomenal writer.” – S. L. Edwards, author of The Death of an Author and Whiskey and Other Unusual Ghosts

“What a wonderful amalgamation of pulpy fun tribute-to-style tales, nodding at masters both literary and classically horror, all while feeling as intimate as the pancake makeup of an aging horror host whose empty heart gains a few drops of joy every weekend when he shares the black beauties of a bygone era with the eager young of a new generation. It truly has everything: humor, heart, commentary, and nearly roasting satire…wonderful.” – John Boden, author of Out Behind the Barn and Jedi Summer with the Magnetic Kid

“Busboom has an uncanny ability to write across the full breadth of horror and touch on many topics I personally love—here he includes several pure monster stories (he must really like dinosaurs), some Cthulhu Mythos stories, a King in Yellow tale, and several involving some nicely gruesome physical transformations and body horror. There’s something here for almost every taste in horror…a very substantial collection of disparate stories.” – Andrew Byers, Horror World

“A wonderfully creepy collection of stories that lives up to its title…[Busboom] pays homage to classic horror movie monsters, dinosaurs, and the influences of Ray Bradbury and H.P. Lovecraft…after I read each one I had a new favorite. This was to be a one story a night read and ended up being completely finished in an afternoon, during a storm, while tucked under a blanket. You don’t have to read it that way, but I highly recommend it.” – Lenore Sagaskie, author of The Four Sworn series

“Quick, sharp little horror stories that run a wide range of tone, but are always doing something interesting, or scary or weird or all three. I really loved this one.” – Trevor Henderson, horror artist and creator of Siren Head

“Not only does [Busboom] KNOW how to construct a compelling story and realistic characters, but he does so with artistic finesse. These short stories (and novella at the end) pull you in and don’t let go.” – Sue Rovens, author of Buried and In a Corner, Darkly

“An awesome book…. Creates a mood of foreboding and distress that never wanes.” – John S. McFarland, author of The Black Garden and The Dark Walk Forward

Praise for David Busboom’s short fiction:

“David Busboom’s ‘Weird Tales’ hits the sweet Lovecraft note with something HP rarely managed: brevity.” – Michael Wehunt, Shirley Jackson Award-nominated author of Greener Pastures

“[‘The Vindication of Y’ha-Nthlei’] brilliantly filters the Lovecraftian mythos of Innsmouth through the detective noir voice.” – Jaffa Kintigh, Jaffalogue

“[‘The Worst’] is the best! Busboom’s story is a cosmically horrific delight.” – Christa Carmen, author of Something Borrowed, Something Blood-Soaked

Praise for Nightbird:


“Busboom has a way with words. Nightbird exhumes the Lilith myth and animates it in a timeless present where folklore and isolation drive a dysfunctional couple to the brink, and beyond. The language is confident, the people feel real, and the menace manages to be potently sexy and utterly creepy in the same short book. Nice to see such a promising writer stretching out into longer, and more personal territory.” – Nathan Carson, author of Starr Creek

“It keeps you turning the page.” – Cedar Hollow Horror Reviews

“A sexy and surreal Gothic ghost story with atmosphere as thick as pea soup….” – Danger Slater, author of He Digs a Hole

Nightbird is a home run for me…engaging and original, well-written, and I really enjoyed my time with it.” – Adrian Shotbolt, The Grim Reader

“Get it. Read it. It’s worth it.” – Erica Ruppert, NerdGoblin

“I recommend you check out Nightbird. It’s a beautifully written story that makes the most out of every page.” – Michael Sieber, Ginger Nuts of Horror

“Highly recommend this debut from an obviously talented author. I look forward to more from Busboom.” – Renee Miller, author of Church

“A quick read…really good.” – Ladies of the Fright

“The author’s authorial confidence lured me into this tale and got me to slow down, as only great writers can. And then he unnerved the crap out of me.” – Leo X. Robertson, author of Bonespin Slipcase

“I really enjoyed this book…. Definitely recommend.” – Sara Tantlinger, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of The Devil’s Dreamland

“Frightfully good.” – Morgan K. Tanner

“An excellent tale of love and obsession. My introduction to Busboom’s fiction, and it made a great impact.” – Thomas Joyce

“…the sort of book I wish I’d had as a teenager. It captures something desolate and ominous (and intensely perverted) about that time in my life.” – David W. Barbee, author of Laser House on the Prairie

“A perfectly paced page-turner with the right amount of darkness.” – Michael Wehunt, Shirley Jackson Award-nominated author of Greener Pastures.

“It’s genius…Busboom has got some chops.” – Matt Brandenburg, High Fever Books

“An amazing debut…captures a very specific essence of teenage sexuality and how those early experiences can make an indelible mark on the rest of your life.” – Sam Richard, Weirdpunk Books

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